Multiparametric-MRI in diagnosis of prostate cancer

Multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging (mp-MRI) has shown promising results in diagnosis, localization, risk stratification and staging of clinically significant prostate cancer. It has also opened up opportunities for focal treatment of prostate cancer.

Combinations of T2-weighted imaging, diffusion imaging, perfusion (dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging) and spectroscopic imaging have been used in mp-MRI assessment of prostate cancer, but T2 morphologic assessment and functional assessment by diffusion imaging remains the mainstay for prostate cancer diagnosis on mp-MRI. Because assessment on mp-MRI can be subjective, use of the newly developed standardized reporting Prostate Imaging and Reporting Archiving Data System scoring system and education of specialist radiologists are essential for accurate interpretation.

This review focuses on the present status of mp-MRI in prostate cancer and its evolving role in the management of prostate cancer.

Indian J Urol. 2015 Jul-Sep;31(3):194-201. doi: 10.4103/0970-1591.159606.

Ghai S1, Haider MA2.

1 Joint Department of Medical Imaging, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
2 Department of Medical Imaging, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.