Diagnostic Value of Different Systematic Prostate Biopsy Methods in the Detection of Prostate Cancer with Ultrasonographic Hypoechoic Lesions - A Comparative Study.

To assess if a less extended biopsy in the transperineal approach is sufficient for detection of prostate cancer (PC) in patients with hypoechoic lesions.

This was a prospective study of 167 consecutive patients with prostate hypoechoic lesion and who underwent transperineal ultrasound (TPUS)-guided 12-core and hypoechoic lesion core biopsy between January 2012 and February 2013.

PC was detected in 64.1% (107/167) of patients. The PC detection rate of the 12-core prostate biopsy scheme was the highest, but when including the hypoechoic lesion core, there was no difference between the 6- and 12-core schemes (all p > 0.05), irrespective of prostate volume or prostate-specific antigen levels (all p > 0.05).

A more limited biopsy scheme could be sufficient for the detection of PC if the hypoechoic lesion is sampled. © 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel.

Urol Int. 2015 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Xu G1, Yao M, Wu J, Guo L, Feng L, Wang S, Zhao L, Xu H, Wu R.

Department of Medical Ultrasound, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Tenth People's Hospital of Tongji University, Shanghai, China.