AUA Quality Improvement Summit 2014: Conference proceedings on infectious complications of transrectal prostate needle biopsy

BERKELEY, CA USA - In January 2014, the AUA’s inaugural Quality Improvement Summit was held under the leadership of Dr. Timothy Averch. Summit participants were engaged and passionate about the topic of reducing prostate needle biopsy complications and welcomed the opportunity to learn from the expertise of outstanding speakers as well as from fellow attendees’ experiences in a variety of clinical settings. The question and answer session format allowed for rich conversation, and the keynote speaker, Dr. Kate Goodrich from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), provided an opportunity for AUA members to better understand the goals of CMS and, in turn, to explain the unique challenges urologists and other specialists encounter in quality reporting. The proceedings provide a detailed account of the information presented at the summit and serves as a companion piece to the event webcast and slides that are available on the AUA’s website.