Prostate-specific antigen velocity (PSAV) and PSAV per initial volume (PSAVD) for early detection of prostate cancer in Chinese men, "Beyond the Abstract," by Peng Zhang and Xiang-Yi Zheng

BERKELEY, CA ( - PSAVD was first proposed by Choi, et al.[1] in 2011; its most important theoretical foundation is that the estimated average annual change of prostate volume was 1.6% across all age groups.[2] Generally PSAVD combines the velocity of PSA and prostate volume, therefore it has the shortage of both velocities, which relates to serum PSA levels, age and examination intervals.

  • According to the guideline of prostate cancer early detection published by NCCN in 2012, the cutoff of PSAV changes with serum PSA levels, and our assumption is that the cutoff of PSAVD would change with serum PSA levels, too.
  • While Rhodes, et al. suggested that the annual percent increase in prostate volume was not significantly related to baseline age,[2] Schaeffer, et al. suggested that PSA testing might be safely discontinued for men 75-80 years old with PSA<3ng/mL,[3] so there might be some age limits to the application of PSAVD as well as PSAV.
  • The NCCN guideline mentioned above suggested that PSA testing should be performed at an 18- to 24- month interval for PSAV calculation, and this interval might also apply to the PSA testing for PSAVD. On the other hand, Rhodes, et al. spent about 5 years following up annual changes in prostate volume, however it is still under discussion whether it is appropriate to repeat transrectal ultrasound at a 5-year interval.


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Department of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310003, P.R. China.

Prostate-specific antigen velocity (PSAV) and PSAV per initial volume (PSAVD) for early detection of prostate cancer in Chinese men - Abstract


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