Focal brachytherapy for selected low-risk prostate cancers: A pilot study - Abstract

PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility and the early toxicity of focal brachytherapy in highly selected localized prostate cancer patients.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: Twenty-one patients underwent a focal brachytherapy between February 2010 and March 2012, representing 3.7% of the cases treated by our group during this period. Patient selection was based on (at least) two series of prostate biopsies and a high-resolution MRI. Only patients with very limited and localized tumors, according to strict criteria, were selected for the procedure. The technique used a real-time procedure with the implantation of free 125I seeds and dynamic dose calculation. The prescribed dose for the focal volume was 145Gy.

RESULTS: The treated volume corresponded to a mean value of 34% of the total prostatic volume (range, 20-48%). For the focal volume, the mean D90 and V100 was 183.2Gy (range, 176-188Gy) and 99.3% (range, 98.8-100%), respectively. The technique was performed in an hour and a half. When compared with a previous cohort treated by whole-prostate brachytherapy, urinary toxicity (International Prostate Symptom Score) was borderline reduced (p = 0.04) at 6 months only, whereas the recovery of the International Index of Erectile Function 5 was better (p = 0.014). The International Continence Score was nil in almost all cases as well as rectal toxicity.

CONCLUSION: Focal treatment by brachytherapy is easily feasible with little acute toxicity. Further investigation is needed to assess the results in terms of tumor control and long-term toxicity.

Written by:
Cosset JM, Cathelineau X, Wakil G, Pierrat N, Quenzer O, Prapotnich D, Barret E, Rozet F, Galiano M, Vallancien G.   Are you the author?
Department of Oncology/Radiotherapy, Institut Curie, Paris, France; Department of Urology, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France.

Reference: Brachytherapy. 2013 Apr 16. pii: S1538-4721(13)00227-4.
doi: 10.1016/j.brachy.2013.02.002

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PMID: 23601349 Prostate Cancer Section