Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in patients with prostate cancer treated with androgen deprivation hormone - Abstract

INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Androgen suppression in prostate cancer is responsible for many side effects.

Many studies, mostly retrospective, have found an association between androgen deprivation and increased cardiovascular morbidity. If the cardiovascular impact was chosen, an etiological explanation would be the occurrence of metabolic disorders, particularly insulin resistance. The objective of our work was to conduct a review of the literature assessing the impact of androgen deprivation on the onset of insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome and changes in key markers of insulin resistance.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A systematic review of literature from the Pubmed database search was performed using the following keywords: androgen deprivation therapy, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular risk, abdominal obesity.

RESULTS: Twelve studies were included, bringing into focus a 55% prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients treated for more than 12months, an increase in fat mass and decreased lean body mass, an increase in abdominal subcutaneous fat and in visceral adiposity. The insulin was increased in four studies (25 to 60% three months dice). The increased insulin resistance was assessed by the Homeostasis Model Assessment (HOMA) was postponed three times (12% in two prospective cohort studies of type). The increase in triglycerides (20 to 40% at 12months) and total cholesterol (7 to 11%) was observed in five studies, and increased LDL cholesterol and HDL in three studies (9 to 22%).

CONCLUSION: All studies of this analysis appeared to converge towards the development of insulin resistance and metabolic disorders, however, no prospective cohort study of good methodological quality were identified. It would be necessary to conduct a prospective multicenter study in order to have a causal quality.

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Terrier JE, Mottet N.   Are you the author?
Service d'urologie-andrologie, universit√© Jean-Monnet, CHU de Saint-√Čtienne, 34, rue Francis-Baulier, 42023 Saint-√Čtienne cedex 2, France.

Reference: Prog Urol. 2013 Feb;23(2):88-95.
doi: 10.1016/j.purol.2012.09.008

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PMID: 23352300

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