Evolution of prostate cancer brachytherapy - Abstract

Curietherapy, more commonly named brachytherapy, is one of the oldest irradiation techniques used for prostate cancer.

Prostate brachytherapy evolved according to the scientific and technological progress. After a historical reminder of the evolution of prostate brachytherapy, different technical aspects are discussed: low-dose rate brachytherapy using permanent or temporary implants, high-dose rate brachytherapy as well as new imaging modalities. Prostate brachytherapy indications are listed regarding to the evidence-based medicine data for low, intermediate and high risks prostate cancers. Potential indications and new research programs (focal therapy, high-dose rate, single-dose brachytherapy) are also presented.

Written by:
Hannoun-Levi JM, Chevallier D, Cosset JM, Gerbaulet A.   Are you the author?
CHU de Nice, service de chirurgie urologique, 06000 Nice, France.

Reference: Bull Cancer. 2012 Dec 18. Epub ahead of print.

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 23228827

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