Feasibility of a novel extraperitoneal two-port laparoendoscopic approach for radical prostatectomy: An initial study - Abstract

The aim of this study was to describe the surgical technique and to report the early outcomes of an original extraperitoneal two-port laparoendoscopic approach for radical prostatectomy.

A total of 22 consecutive patients diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer (cT1c, cT2N0) were operated on and included in this analysis. A multichannel port with three 5-mm trocars, providing easier instrument handling, was inserted extraperitoneally through a 2.5-cm lower umbilical "U" incision. An additional 12-mm port was inserted into the left fossa to allow an adequate working angle to facilitate the most critical steps of the surgical procedures. The operation was successfully completed in all patients; one patient required an additional 5-mm port to control bleeding. The median operation time was 259 min (range 207-453 min), and the fluid loss, including urine and blood, was 946 mL (range 257-1821 mL). The median Foley catheter indwelling period was 6 days (range 3-11 days) after surgery. No intraoperative complications occurred. Judging from this initial trial, this procedure can be safely carried out if the surgeon is familiar with conventional five-port laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Written by:
Nakane A, Akita H, Okamura T, Ando R, Kobayashi T, Naiki T, Yasui T, Kohri K.   Are you the author?
Department of Urology, J. A. Aichi Anjo Kosei Hospital, Anjo, Japan.

Reference: Int J Urol. 2012 Dec 6. Epub ahead of print.
doi: 10.1111/iju.12034

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PMID: 23216420

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