The incidence and relevance of prostate cancer in radical cystoprostatectomy specimens - Abstract

PURPOSE:To review the incidence, histopathological features and clinical outcomes of patients with incidental prostate cancer (CaP) found in cystoprostatectomy specimens (CP) excised for bladder cancer and to determine whether these prostate cancers could affect the follow-up strategy.

PATIENTS AND METHODS:We retrospectively reviewed the records of 110 patients who underwent CP for bladder cancer (1998-2011) at our institution. CaP grade, stage, volume and surgical margin status were recorded. Prostatic involvement by bladder tumour or carcinoma in situ (CIS) was studied. Pre-operative prostate assessment and follow-up in those diagnosed with incidental CaP were analysed.

RESULTS:Incidental CaP was identified in 35 patients (32.5 %), 4 with prostatic PIN alone and 2 patients with diagnoses of CaP prior to cystectomy were excluded from study. Of the CaP cases, 28.5 % had clinically significant disease: 5 with Gleason score 7, 2 with Gleason score 9, who also had extracapsular invasion of tumour, and three with positive surgical margins. All patients were pN0 for CaP. Of the 108 patients, 16.5 % had prostatic urethral involvement with CIS or TCC. In the subgroup of patients with the incidentally diagnosed CaP who developed local recurrence of bladder tumour and/or metastatic disease, none originated from their CaP.

CONCLUSION: The majority of incidental CaP in CP specimens are organ confined and do not influence oncological outcome. The prognosis of such patients is primarily determined by bladder cancer. Our findings support previous reports and autopsy studies elsewhere.

Written by:
Alsinnawi M, Loftus B, Flynn R, McDermott T, Grainger R, Thornhill JA.   Are you the author?
Department of Urology, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital Incorporating The National Children's Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland.

Reference: Int Urol Nephrol. 2012 Jul 7. Epub ahead of print.

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PMID: 22773166 Prostate Cancer Section