Biopsy findings of low-risk prostate disease: Are they real? Single centre experience - Abstract

Clinically insignificant prostate cancer is characterized by limited biologic malignancy and, possibly, it is suitable for non-radical treatment.

We performed a retrospective analysis of 1028 patients who underwent radical prostatectomy (118 of them with clinically insignificant prostate cancer), in order to assess the predictors of cancer-related outcome. Only 19% of the patients undergoing radical prostatectomy for clinically insignificant prostate cancer had clinically insignificant cancer in the prostatectomy specimen, whereas in 19% of the cases we found a high-risk disease. The risk of overtreatment is present but currently counterbalanced by the risk of undertreatment.

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Cova G, Beniamin F, Lamon C, Maccatrozzo L.   Are you the author?
Struttura Complessa di Urologia, Ospedale "Ca Foncello" Treviso - Italy.

Reference: Urologia. 2012 Jun 21:0. Epub ahead of print.
doi: 10.5301/RU.2012.9365

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PMID: 22729603

Article in Italian. Prostate Cancer Section