Advanced prostate cancer: Treatment and patient-centred care - Abstract

There have been many significant advances in the treatment of prostate cancer, yet it remains a growing problem for men's health.

Many men die from prostate cancer each year and many more live with non-cancerous, but debilitating, prostate disorders. This article discusses advanced (metastatic) prostate cancer, provides nurses with an overview of treatment options available to men with this condition, and offers a starting point from which to examine further evidence. It aims to encourage nurses to ensure that the patient is involved in making any decisions that could potentially impact on his health and wellbeing. In line with current thinking, the patient must be at the heart of every decision and be provided with greater choice and control (Department of Health, 2010).

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Reference: Br J Nurs. 2012 Feb 23-Mar 7;21(4):S24-30.

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PMID: 22470904 Prostate Cancer Section