Active surveillance in prostate cancer - Abstract

The spread of PSA in the screening of prostate cancer has almost doubled the incidence of this disease in the last twenty years. An improved understanding of the natural history of this cancer allows for risk stratification of the disease and to better predict insignificant prostate cancer. Active surveillance has recently been proposed as a new option to delay or avoid a radical treatment for patients with low-risk disease. The principle, results and future perspectives of this treatment modality are discussed in this review.


Written by:
Valerio M, Vaucher L, Cerantola Y, Berthold D, Herrera F, Jichlinski P.   Are you the author?
Service d'urologie CHUV, 1011 Lausanne.

Reference: Rev Med Suisse. 2011 Dec 7;7(320):2388-91.

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PMID: 22232867

Article in French. Prostate Cancer Section