Circulating and disseminated tumor cells in the management of advanced prostate cancer - Abstract

Department of Urology, Eberhard-Karls University, Hoppe Seyler-Straße 3, 72076 TÜbingen, Germany.


Management of prostate cancer is recognized as one of the most important medical problems. Latest findings concerning the role of circulating (CTC) and disseminated tumor cells (DTC) have provided new insights into the biology of metastasis with important implications for the clinical management of prostate cancer patients. Most of the established methods of circulating/disseminated tumor cell enrichment use density-gradient centrifugation and immunomagnetic procedures. Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction is another used detection technique. Novel methods, the CTC-chip and the epithelial immunospot assay already showed promising results. For localized and metastatic prostate cancer, significant correlations between spreading tumor cells and well-established indicators of disease activity have been demonstrated. Careful randomized prospective trials will be required to justify the routine use of CTCs/DTCs for therapy decision making.

Written by:
Kruck S, Gakis G, Stenzl A.   Are you the author?

Reference: Adv Urol. 2012;2012:135281.
doi: 10.1155/2012/135281

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 21869883 Prostate Cancer Section



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