Randomized study evaluating testosterone recovery using short-versus long-acting luteinizing hormone releasing hormone agonists - Abstract

Radiation Oncology Program, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC.

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.



We sought to compare the rate of return of testosterone levels and sexual function in men with prostate cancer receiving longer acting, 3-month preparation of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist (L-LHRH-A) versus shorter acting, 1-month preparation of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist (S-LHRH-A).

Men with low to intermediate risk localized prostate cancer were randomized to either L-LHRH-A (2-3 month duration LHRH-A) or S-LHRH-A (6-1 month duration LHRH-A) of androgen suppression therapy (AST) and prostate brachytherapy using iodine-125 radioisotopes. Serum total testosterone levels and PSA were recorded every 2 months for 2 years.

A planned target sample size of 100 was not achieved due to insufficient accrual. A total of 55 patients were randomized and 46 were used for analysis. The median time to recovery of testosterone to baseline levels (calculated from end of AST) was 8 and 4 months in the L-LHRH-A and S-LHRH-A arms, respectively (p = 0.268). The median time to testosterone recovery to lower limit of reference range was 4 and 2 months respectively (p = 0.087).

This randomized study, which failed to reach accrual target, showed a trend towards more rapid recovery of testosterone levels using shorter acting LHRH-A. Another randomized study would be required to validate these findings. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to recommend the use of shorter acting LHRH-A as a means of providing more rapid recovery of testosterone levels.

Written by:
Pai HH, Pickles T, Keyes M, Jones S, McDonald RE, Lesperance M, Berthelet E.   Are you the author?

Reference: Can Urol Assoc J. 2011 Jun;5(3):173-9.
doi: 10.5489/cuaj.10102

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 21672478

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