EAU 2011 - Radical prostatectomy in men with continuous oral aspirin medication: Revisiting old paradigm? - Session Highlights

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (UroToday.com) - These investigators explored the issue of anticoagulation with aspirin and potential complications in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy (RP) for prostate cancer (CaP).

This was prompted by the number of patients on aspirin following coronary artery drug eluting stent placement. They examined the data of 640 consecutive patients who underwent RP at a single institution in 2010. Forty patients (5.9%) had continues aspirin anticoagulation during RP. The relationship between aspirin intake and the examined endpoints was assessed. Sub-analyses controlling for BMI, prostate volume, pathological stage and extent of lymphadenectomy examined the relationship between aspirin intake and blood loss above the median.

Mean blood loss of patients without and with daily aspirin intake was 767ml and 778ml, respectively (p=0.84). The transfusion rate in patients without and with aspirin was 4.8% and 6.1% (p=0.7). Similarly, no difference was recorded between the mean operating time of both groups; 184min and 185min (p=0.9). After adjustment for BMI, prostate volume, pathological stage and extent of lymphadenectomy, no differences for the risk of blood loss above the median and aspirin intake were found (p=0.73).


Presented by Lars Budäus, MD, et al. at the 26th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress - March 18 - 21, 2011 - Austria Centre Vienna, Vienna, Austria


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