Online decision aid for patients with prostate cancer evaluated by 11 290 patients and 91 urologists in Germany.

To evaluate the nationwide online decision aid 'Entscheidungshilfe Prostatakrebs' (established in 2016, >11.000 users and 60 new users/week) for patients with non-metastatic prostate cancer (PCa), from the perspective of patients and urologists.

To provide personalised information, the tool collects most of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement standard set, personal preferences, psychological features, and a validated rating of the tool. To evaluate urologists' opinions, we developed a structured two-page questionnaire. All data were collected anonymously.

From June 2016 to December 2020, 11 290 patients used the PCa decision aid. Their median (interquartile range [IQR]) age was 67 (61-72) years. The median (IQR) time from initial diagnosis to using the tool was 4 (3-7) weeks. In all, 87.7% of users reported high satisfaction. In a multivariable model, predictors for considering observation were higher knowledge, using the decision aid alone, lower oncological risk, normal erectile function, and respective personal preferences. Of 194 urologists, 91 (47%) had implemented the decision aid in their clinical practice. The urologists' mean (SD) satisfaction score (1 'very good'; 6 'unsatisfactory') with it was 1.45 (0.55), and 92% recommended it. Half of the urologists reported time savings.

Patients and urologists report a very high level of acceptance and satisfaction with this online tool. It offers advantages in shared decision-making and time efficiency. The usage of the decision aid might improve the adoption of active surveillance and watchful waiting when indicated.

BJU international. 2024 Mar 20 [Epub ahead of print]

Johannes Huber, Philipp Karschuck, Johanna Valdix, Christian Thomas, Rainer Koch, Andreas Ihrig, Tobias Hölscher, Tanja Krones, Elke Kessler, Sabine Kliesch, Clemens Linné, Paul Enders, Maurice-Stephan Michel, Christian Wülfing, Christer Groeben

Department of Urology, Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany., Department of Urology, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany., Division of Psycho-Oncology, Department of General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatic, University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany., Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany., Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine University of Zürich, University Hospital Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland., ASD Concepts GmbH & Co. KG - Institut für Patientenzentrierte Versorgungsformen, Reinheim, Germany., Department of Clinical and Surgical Andrology, Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology, University Hospital Münster, Münster, Germany., Urological Practice, Dresden, Germany., Prostate Cancer Patient Support Organization of Germany (BPS), Bonn, Germany., Department of Urology and Urosurgery, University Hospital Manheim, Mannheim, Germany., Department of Urology, Asklepios Klinik Altona, Hamburg, Germany.