ExoDx prostate test as a predictor of outcomes of high-grade prostate cancer - an interim analysis.

Patient outcomes were assessed based on a pre-biopsy ExoDx Prostate (EPI) score at 2.5 years of the 5-year follow-up of ongoing prostate biopsy Decision Impact Trial of the ExoDx Prostate (IntelliScore).

Prospective, blinded, randomized, multisite clinical utility study was conducted from June 2017 to May 2018 (NCT03235687). Urine samples were collected from 1049 men (≥50 years old) with a PSA 2-10 ng/mL being considered for a prostate biopsy. Patients were randomized to EPI vs. standard of care (SOC). All had an EPI test, but only EPI arm received results during biopsy decision process. Clinical outcomes, time to biopsy and pathology were assessed among low (<15.6) or high (≥15.6) EPI scores.

At 2.5 years, 833 patients had follow-up data. In the EPI arm, biopsy rates remained lower for low-risk EPI scores than high-risk EPI scores (44.6% vs 79.0%, p < 0.001), whereas biopsy rates were identical in SOC arm regardless of EPI score (59.6% vs 58.8%, p = 0.99). Also in the EPI arm, the average time from EPI testing to first biopsy was longer for low-risk EPI scores compared to high-risk EPI scores (216 vs. 69 days; p < 0.001). Similarly, the time to first biopsy was longer with EPI low-risk scores in EPI arm compared to EPI low-risk scores in SOC arm (216 vs 80 days; p < 0.001). At 2.5 years, patients with low-risk EPI scores from both arms had less HGPC than high-risk EPI score patients (7.9% vs 26.8%, p < 0.001) and the EPI arm found 18% more HGPC than the SOC arm.

This follow-up analysis captures subsequent biopsy outcomes and demonstrates that men receiving EPI low-risk scores (<15.6) significantly defer the time to first biopsy and remain at a very low pathologic risk by 2.5-years after the initial study. The EPI test risk stratification identified low-risk patients that were not found with the SOC.

Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases. 2023 May 16 [Epub ahead of print]

Ronald Tutrone, Ben Lowentritt, Brian Neuman, Michael J Donovan, Elliot Hallmark, T Jeffrey Cole, Yiyuan Yao, Claire Biesecker, Sonia Kumar, Vinita Verma, Grannum R Sant, Jason Alter, Johan Skog

Chesapeake Urology Research Associates, Baltimore, MD, USA. ., Chesapeake Urology Research Associates, Baltimore, MD, USA., Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, New York City, NY, USA., Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand, Waltham, MA, USA.