Value of magnetic resonance imaging/ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy to select patients for focal therapy.

To investigate the role of transrectal MRI fusion biopsy to select patients for prostate cancer focal therapy.

Patients with suspected prostate cancer underwent transrectal MRI fusion biopsy with the Koelis trinity device. Two focal therapy eligibility criteria were subsequently defined: Group 1: PSA ≤ 15 ng/ml, unilateral csPCa, ISUP grade ≤ 2, no contralateral PIRADS 3-5 lesion; Group 2: same criteria but ISUP grade 3. These subgroups were correlated with histopathological post-prostatectomy parameters for stage pT2, unilateral csPCa, no ISUP upgrading. In addition, parameters of csPCa detection were analyzed for patients undergoing primary and re-biopsy.

Four hundred fourteen consecutive patients were analyzed (314 for primary biopsy, 100 for re-biopsy). Post-prostatectomy whole mount section analysis was available from 155 patients. 39 and 62 of these patients met focal therapy inclusion criteria for group 1 and group 2, respectively. A correlation with final pathology parameters following radical prostatectomy (stage pT2, unilateral csPCa, no ISUP upgrading) revealed a positive predictive value of only 53.8% and 64.5% for Group 1 and 2, respectively. The overall csPCa detection rate was 73.7%. In the re-biopsy group 20% additional patients with csPCa were detected by targeted biopsy.

Despite high csPCa detection rates following MRI fusion biopsy our study demonstrated that, using final pathology to confirm locally advanced tumor stage, presence of bilateral csPCa and ISUP upgrading, between 35.5 and 46.2% of patients would have been incorrectly selected for focal therapy.

World journal of urology. 2022 Sep 24 [Epub ahead of print]

Roman Ganzer, Alexander Mangold, Fiona Sofia Siokou, Christian Brinkschmidt, Wolfgang Brummeisl

Department of Urology, Asklepios Hospital Bad Tölz, Bad Tölz, Germany. ., Department of Urology, Asklepios Hospital Bad Tölz, Bad Tölz, Germany., Institute of Pathology, Starnberg, Germany.

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