Late Adverse Health Outcomes and Quality of Life after curative radiotherapy + long-term ADT in Prostate Cancer Survivors: Comparison with men from the general population.

Few studies have described the impact of urinary, bowel and sexual Adverse Health Outcomes (AHOs) on Quality of Life (QoL) in Prostate Cancer Survivors living for more than 5 years after curative radiotherapy ("long-term PCaSs"), and compared the findings with those in men from general population. Here we assess self-reported AHOs in such PCaSs focusing on the association between problem experience and QoL. The findings are compared to corresponding symptoms in age-similar men from the general population without a PCa diagnosis (Norms).

Nine years (mean) after curative radiotherapy 1231 PCaSs and 3156 Norms completed the EPIC-26 questionnaire and the EORTC QLQ-C30 instrument. Domain Summary Scores (DSSs) for the urinary, bowel and sexual domains, the percentages of moderate/big dysfunctions and the proportions of overall problems were determined. Inter-cohort differences were interpreted based on cut-off values for published Minimal Clinically Important Differences (MCIDs). Multivariable linear regression models analyzed the associations between QoL and domain-related overall problems.

Only the inter-cohort differences regarding bowel and sexual DSSs exceeded the respective MCIDs. Among PCaSs 54% had at least one moderate/big problem (Norms: 30%). In PCaSs and Norms, QoL increased with decreasing urinary and bowel problems, For sexuality this association was weaker in Norms and was almost lacking in PCaSs. Multivariable-adjusted QoL was similar in PCaSs and Norms, with general health being the strongest covariate.

During follow-up of long-term PCaSs health professionals should be aware of the survivors' persisting moderate/big urinary, bowel or sexual problems associated with reduced QoL. In particular , alleviation of urinary and bowel problems can increase the men's QoL.

Clinical and translational radiation oncology. 2022 Aug 06*** epublish ***

Sophie D Fosså, Alv A Dahl, Tom Børge Johannesen, Ylva M Gjelsvik, Anne Holck Storås, Tor Å Myklebust

Department of Oncology, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway., Department of Registration, Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo, Norway.

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