NRG Oncology Trial Aimed to Improve Prostate Cancer Survivor Care Planning Reaches Accrual Goal

The NRG Oncology NRG-CC007CD clinical trial has reached its study accrual goal. This is the first trial stemming from NRG’s Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee to complete accrual.

Reno, Nevada ( -- The NRG-CC007CD trial initially opened in January 2019 and accrued patients with prostate cancer who intend on receiving radiation therapy (RT) and androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for their cancer. Patients who participate in this trial are randomized by practice to either the Standard Arm (Arm A) or an Enhanced Survivorship Care Plan (Arm B). Both trial participants on Arm A and Arm B received a Survivorship Care Plan (SCP) during the last week of RT. Patients on Arm B also received an additional Treatment Plan (TP) that was given at the beginning of RT, and patients had a specific appointment with their primary care provider after finishing RT to review the contents of the SCP.

It has become increasingly apparent that coordinating efforts between the patient, primary care team, and the cancer care team is crucial to cancer survivorship.

“Although we are aware of the importance of care coordination, there is currently a lack of evidence on the best way to improve these efforts, specifically for prostate cancer survivors. Prostate cancer survivors require detailed, coordinated follow-up, especially those who receive ADT due to the potential increased risks for cardiovascular disease,” stated Ronald Chen, MD, MPH, of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Kansas and the Principal Investigator of the NRG-CC007CD trial. “These patients need to receive survivorship care from their cancer team to monitor for recurrence, and the primary care team to optimize cardiovascular and overall health.”

NRG-CC007CD was designed to compare the routine SCP to an enhanced SCP that increases the ‘dose’ or level of engagement and coordination between the primary care and cancer care team with the patient. The goal of this trial is to determine if this ‘dose’ increase improves survivorship care and mitigates the increased risk of cardiovascular disease for patients receiving ADT for their prostate cancer when compared to the standard SCP.

Results from the trial data will be reported as they become available.

“NRG Oncology and the NRG NCORP are grateful to the research staff at our sites, our patients, and various stakeholders who helped NRG-CC007CD successfully accrue. We look forward to reviewing the data that come from this trial,” added Deborah Bruner, PhD, RN, FAAN, the Senior Vice President for Research at Emory University, the Professor and Robert W. Woodruff Chair in Nursing at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, and the Contact Principal Investigator of the NRG Oncology National Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).
“We are very thankful for the NRG Oncology for conducting this important trial. Clinical trials are the best way to scientifically improve outcomes in oncology. Improving survivorship care is a critical component of the overall longitudinal care of cancer patients and this trial provide another step in the right direction. I am grateful and proud of my patients and CoxHealth for providing the required tools to participate in this important study,” stated Ibrahim Abdulla, MD, the Medical Director of Oncology Services at CoxHealth Radiation Oncology. Dr. Abdulla is the site Principal Investigator for NRG-CC007CD, at one of the first sites to reach the accrual limit for the maximum number of patients from a single site to the trial.

NRG-CC007CD is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and led by NRG Oncology with participation of the NCI NCORP. Supported by grant UG1CA189867 (NCORP) from the National Cancer Institute.

Source: "NRG Oncology Trial Aimed To Improve Prostate Cancer Survivor Care Planning Reaches Accrual Goal". 2022. NRG.
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