Concordance of MRI-Guided Fusion and Systematic 12-Core Prostate Biopsy for the Detection of Prostate Cancer.

MRI-guided fusion biopsy is increasingly utilized over systematic 12-core biopsy for men with MRI-visible prostate lesions.

Patients with MRI visible lesions who underwent MRI-guided fusion and systematic 12-core biopsy from 2016-2020 in the Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) system were consecutively analyzed. This was in the setting of a continuous quality assurance initiative among the reading radiologists. Primary outcome was prostate cancer (PCa) detection defined by Gleason grade group (GGG) 1 or higher. Clinically significant cancer (CSC) was defined as GGG 2 or higher. Patients were stratified by biopsy date, 2016-2017 and 2018-2021, and lesions were stratified by PI-RADS v2 category.

A total of 184 patients with 324 MRI-detectable lesions underwent both biopsy modalities in the IHC system from 2016 to 2021. CSC was detected in 23.5% of MRI-guided fusion biopsies. Comparing PI-RAD v2 categories 1-3 to categories 4-5, rate of CSC was 10% and 42% respectively. MRI-guided fusion and systematic 12-core biopsies were concordant for PCa in 77% of men and CSC in 83%. MRI-guided fusion biopsy detected PCa in 26/103 and CSC in 20/131 men in whom systematic 12-core biopsy was negative. Systematic 12-core biopsy detected PCa in 17/94 and CSC in 11/122 men in whom MRI-guided fusion was negative.

Omitting MRI-guided fusion or systematic 12-core biopsy would have resulted in underdiagnosis of CSC in 11% or 6% of patients respectively. Combining biopsies increased detection rate of CSC. This was in the setting of a continuous quality assurance program at a large community-based hospital.

Frontiers in oncology. 2022 May 27*** epublish ***

Matthew Parsons, Zoya Sandhu, Bridget Foy, Ernest Chan, Bryan Crawford, Libby Petersen, Benjamin Romney, Daniel Sommers, Jay Bishoff, Steven Lynch, Logan Mclean, David Gill

Department of Radiation Oncology, Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States., College of Osteopathic Medicine, Rocky Vista University, Ivins, UT, United States., Intermountain Medical Center, Murray, UT, United States.