The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) Doctor-Patient Summit

No matter where you are in your prostate cancer journey, it’s always the right time to take an active interest in the latest research and treatment. The PCF Doctor-Patient Summit at the 28th Annual Scientific Retreat is VIRTUAL, FREE and open to ALL. 

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 1:00-3:00pm Pacific Time

  • Come meet PCF’s new CEO, and hear the vision for prostate cancer research and treatment in the future.
  • Learn about the new PSMA technology, and how it could revolutionize prostate cancer care
  • Be an active participant in your prostate cancer journey.
  • Meet and help inspire others who have gone through similar experiences in their prostate cancer journey

Each year, PCF researchers come together to discuss the latest developments in the fight against cancer.  During this 28th annual Scientific Retreat, you are invited to join a special Doctor-Patient Summit event for patients, caregivers, loved ones, and anyone interested in sharing and learning more about the patient experience.

After the first hour of moderated sessions, you can join the conversation in one of 6 patient-centric breakout rooms (see below). Come ready to participate! Bring your story, your thoughts, and your questions… or just listen!

Ready to use your prostate cancer journey to help others? Register for the PCF Doctor-Patient Summit on Thursday October 28th from 1-3pm PDT.

Click HERE To Register


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