Physical Activity: A Feasibility Study on Exercise in Men Newly Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer.

Physical activity (PA) has been shown to improve patient-centered care for cancer-related symptoms, treatment-related side effects, and health-related quality of life.

This feasibility study aimed to explore PA preferences and changes in functional capacity and symptoms during a two-week self-prescribed PA intervention prior to treatment in men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer were recruited from a community hospital, part of an academic comprehensive cancer center in the southeastern United States. An individualized PA intervention prescription was developed using baseline measures. Baseline and two-week measures consisted of functional capacity, PA participation, and symptom impact. Descriptive statistics and t tests were used.

Thirteen men aged an average of 66.14 years (SD = 6.82) participated. Participants significantly improved functional capacity. Most common PAs were walking (n = 9) and yard work (n = 6).

Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 2021 Oct 01 [Epub]

Susan D Bruce, Nicole Scholl, Jennifer Mulvey, Daniel Hatch, Deborah Hutch Allen

Duke Cancer Center., Duke University., Duke University Health System.

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