Economic burden of illness associated with localized prostate cancer in the United States.

Aim: Prior studies have established the economic burden of prostate cancer on society. However, changes to screening, novel therapies and increased use of active surveillance (AS) create a need for an updated analysis. Methods: A deterministic, decision-analytic model was developed to estimate medical costs associated with localized prostate cancer over 10 years. Results: 10-year costs averaged $45,957, $99,445 and $188,928 for low-, intermediate- and high-risk patients, respectively. For low-risk patients, AS 10-year costs averaged $33,912/patient, whereas definitive treatment averaged $49,667/patient. Despite higher failure rates in intermediate-risk patients, AS remained less costly than definitive treatment, with 10-year costs averaging $90,614/patient and $99,394/patient, respectively. Conclusion: Broader incorporation of AS, guided by additional prognostic tools, may mitigate this growing economic burden.

Future oncology (London, England). 2019 Dec 05 [Epub]

Gary Gustavsen, Laura Gullet, Doria Cole, Nicolas Lewine, Jay T Bishoff

Health Advances LLC, Weston, MA 02493, USA., Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, USA.