Improving research for prostate cancer survivorship: A statement from the Survivorship Research in Prostate Cancer (SuRECaP) working group.

Survivorship care for patients with prostate cancer requires careful consideration of unique disease-specific factors, including the prolonged natural disease history, the potential for competing health risks, and the consequences of long-term androgen deprivation therapy. However, current prostate cancer survivorship research is unfortunately limited by the lack of a robust supportive evidence base, variability in the definitions and measurement of survivorship outcomes, and a heavy reliance on expert opinion. As a result, the conduct of quality prostate cancer survivorship research is of increasing importance for patients, medical providers, and other key stakeholders. This manuscript harmonizes a path forward for improving prostate cancer survivorship by defining prostate cancer survivorship and survivorship research, as well as by highlighting key research priorities and cooperative mechanisms for survivorship studies within prostate cancer, with a particular focus on men with advanced disease.

Urologic oncology. 2019 Nov 13 [Epub ahead of print]

Vivek Narayan, Michael Harrison, Heather Cheng, Stacey Kenfield, Rahul Aggarwal, Daniel Kwon, Rana McKay, Richard Hauger, Nicolas Hart, Suzanne Conzen, Hala Borno, Heather Jim, Adam Dicker, Tanya Dorff, Javid Moslehi, Lorelei Mucci, J Kellogg Parsons, Fred Saad, Howard Soule, Alicia Morgans, Charles J Ryan

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