Prostate Cancer Probability Prediction By Machine Learning Technique

The main goal of the study was to explore possibility of prostate cancer prediction by machine learning techniques. In order to improve the survival probability of the prostate cancer patients it is essential to make suitable prediction models of the prostate cancer. If one make relevant prediction of the prostate cancer it is easy to create suitable treatment based on the prediction results. Machine learning techniques are the most common techniques for the creation of the predictive models. Therefore in this study several machine techniques were applied and compared. The obtained results were analyzed and discussed. It was concluded that the machine learning techniques could be used for the relevant prediction of prostate cancer.

Cancer investigation. 2017 Nov 26 [Epub]

Srđan Jović, Milica Miljković, Miljan Ivanović, Milena Šaranović, Milena Arsić

a Faculty of Technical Sciences , University of Priština , Kosovska Mitrovica , Serbia., b Medical Faculty , University of Priština , Kosovska Mitrovica , Serbia.