Primary Mixed Glandular-endocrine Tumor of the Male Proximal Urethra: A Case Report

Primary urethral carcinoma is much more common in women than in men due to its association with urethritis. A 65-year-old man presented with a 10-month history of penile induration, obstructive voiding symptoms and hematuria. Urethrocystoscopy showed a solitary mass in the proximal urethra and no bladder involvement. It was performed penectomy without bladder neck excision and regional staging lymphadenectomy of the obturator lymph nodes. Pathological diagnosis revealed adenosquamous cell carcinoma with squamous and glandular components. We described a case of primary mixed glandular-endocrine tumor of the male proximal urethra consisting of adenosquamous cell carcinoma with squamous and neuroendocrine components.

Urology case reports. 2016 Feb 06*** epublish ***

Fernando N Facio, Luis C Spessoto, Germano J Ferraz de Arruda, Jeronimo F Arruda, Jose G Ferraz de Arruda, Maria Fernanda W Facio

FAMERP, Brazil., FAMERP, Brazil., FAMERP, Brazil., UNILAGO, Brazil., FAMERP, Brazil., FACERES, Brazil.

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