[Penile cancer : Diagnosis and treatment].

The incidence of penile cancer in central Europe and North America is low, and patients often present at a late stage of the disease. The diagnosis can very often be made by visual examination of the primary tumor. Its morphology, size, and location as well as the inguinal lymph nodes are of clinical interest. The removal of (micro)metastatic lymph nodes is decisive for the prognosis. These cannot be diagnosed clinically or by imaging with sufficient reliability, which makes invasive lymph node staging necessary. Penile cancer can only be cured by surgery in patients with localized cancer and early stage regional lymph node metastasis. The primary tumor, including metastatic lymph nodes, must be completely excised as early as possible. If indicated, organ preservation must be performed with strict adherence of safety margins. Optimal lymph node management is crucial for long-term survival.

Der Urologe. Ausg. A. 2020 Feb [Epub]

C Protzel, O W Hakenberg

Helios Kliniken Schwerin, Wismarsche Straße 393-397, 19049, Schwerin, Deutschland. ., Klinik und Poliklinik für Urologie, Universitätsmedizin Rostock, Rostock, Deutschland.