[Pathology and histopathological evaluation of penile cancer]

Penile cancer is rare in Germany and in western European countries. Our understanding of the pathogenesis and pathology of this malignancy has increased considerably in recent years.

Clinical management has become more complex, with organ-preserving strategies being increasingly favored. Associated with these developments, the demands on the pathology reports of biopsies and surgical specimens from the penis have also increased.

According to guidelines and the relevant literature, this review outlines the most important aspects that must be considered in the classification and pathological reporting of penile cancer.

Correct histological subtyping of penile cancer is important for prognostic and therapeutic considerations. There are also some peculiarities with the current TNM classification system of this tumor compared to other entities.

Handling of specimens and histopathological typing must be performed by experienced pathologists according to recent developments in the pathogenesis, classification, and therapeutic strategies of penile cancer.

Der Urologe. Ausg. A. 2018 Feb 21 [Epub ahead of print]

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