How to lower postoperative complications after radical cystectomy - a review

Lowering morbidity and mortality after RC is subject of considerable interest. Lately, many evidence-based data on improvements in operative technique, anesthetic management, and patient care have been published. In this article, we present a review of literature on how to lower postoperative complications after RC.

The Medline, and Web of Science databases were searched without a time limit on February 2016 using the terms 'cystectomy' in conjunction with 'radical', 'bladder cancer', 'complications' or 'management'. Boolean operators (NOT, AND, OR) were also used in succession to narrow and broaden the search. The search was limited to the English, Polish and Spanish literature.

Many complications may be avoided by appropriate patient selection and meticulous introduction of care protocols.

RC as treatment free of complications, even in the hands of an experienced urologist, does not exist. A large number of complications are acceptable in the name of good long-term results. Optimum results are possible with proper surgical technique, good patients and urinary diversion selection and proper patient management in the pre-, peri, and postoperative period.

Central European journal of urology. 2016 Nov 30 [Epub]

Wojciech Krajewski, Romuald Zdrojowy, Krzysztof Tupikowski, Bartosz Małkiewicz, Anna Kołodziej

Urology and Urologic Oncology Department, Wrocław Medical University, Wrocław, Poland.