Disease map-based biomarker selection and pre-validation for bladder cancer diagnostic

Urinary biomarkers are promising as simple alternatives to cystoscopy for the diagnosis of de novo and recurrent bladder cancer.

To identify a highly sensitive and specific biomarker candidate set with potential clinical utility in bladder cancer.

Urinary biomarker concentrations were determined by ELISA. The performance of individual markers and marker combinations was assessed using ROC analysis.

A five-biomarker panel (IL8, MMP9, VEGFA, PTGS2 and EN2) was defined from the candidate set.

This panel showed a better overall performance than the best individual marker. Further validation studies are needed to evaluate its clinical utility in bladder cancer.

Biomarkers : biochemical indicators of exposure, response, and susceptibility to chemicals. 2015 Jul 31 [Epub]

Marine De Paoli, Paul Perco, Irmgard Mühlberger, Arno Lukas, Hardev Pandha, Richard Morgan, Gui Jie Feng, Christophe Marquette

a AXO Science SAS , Lyon , France .