Histological changes due to intravesical instillation of mitomycin C - Abstract

OBJECTIVE:Transurethral resection (TUR) is highly effective in the local control of superficial bladder cancer.

However, the recurrence rate can reach 80% of the cases. Adjuvant intravesical chemotherapy may decrease significantly tumor recurrence. We describe a bladder adverse reaction to mitomycin C as adjuvant therapy for non-invasive bladder cancer

METHODS:Three patients with diagnosis of pTa G1 urothelial carcinoma were treated by TUR plus an instillation of 40 mg. of mitomicin C. A month later, the patients were attended for dysuria and hematuria. Cystoscopy and bladder biopsy were performed in all cases.

RESULTS:Multiple sessile lesions suspicious of tumor recurrence were found on cystoscopy. The histopathological diagnosis disclosed the existence of severe atypia of the urothelium and stromal changes similar to those observed after radiotherapy

CONCLUSIONS: Adjuvant intravesical chemotherapy with mitomycin C may cause local reactions with macroscopic patterns similar to tumoral recurrences.

Written by:
Castillo OA, Landerer E, Feria-Flores M, Vidal-Mora I, Franco C.   Are you the author?
Urology Department, Indisa Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Andres Bello University, Faculty of Medicine, Chile University, Santa Maria Clinic, Santiago, Chile.

Reference: Arch Esp Urol. 2012 Jun;65(5):578-582.

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PMID: 22732786

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