Intradiverticular bladder tumours: Review of the Cancer Committee of the French Association of Urology - Abstract

INTRODUCTION:Cancer Committee of the French Association of Urology (CCAFU) conducted a review of the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of intradiverticular bladder tumours (TVID) and proposed therapeutic management.

MATERIAL AND METHODS:A bibliographic research in French and English using Medline® with the keywords "tumor", "bladder" and "diverticulum" was performed.

RESULTS:TVID are more frequently of stage T≥3a and with non urothelial histology than classical bladder tumors. At diagnosis, the risk of underestimation of the extent and multifocality of the tumor was described. Their prognosis, that was more pejorative than conventional tumors, should impelled to limit the indications of conservative treatment. The evidence levels of analyzed publications were low, with C level according to Sackett score.

CONCLUSION: the specificities of the TVID have lead the CCAFU to propose specific therapeutic guidelines, based on poor evidence level. Ta-T1 low grade TVID can be treated by transurethral resection alone or followed by BCG therapy in cases of associated carcinoma in situ. High-grade TVID, unifocal and without associated carcinoma in situ, can be treated by diverticulectomy associated with pelvic lymphadenectomy. High grade TVID, multiple or associated with carcinoma in situ, warranted total cystectomy.

Written by:
Neuzillet Y, Comperat E, Rouprêt M, Larre S, Roy C, Quintens H, Houede N, Pignot G, Wallerand H, Soulie M, Pfister C.   Are you the author?
Service d'urologie, hôpital Foch, université de Versailles, 40, rue Worth, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, 92150 Suresnes, France.

Reference: Prog Urol. 2012 Jul;22(9):495-502.
doi: 10.1016/j.purol.2012.03.008

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PMID: 22732640

Article in French. Bladder Cancer Section