[Bladder exstrophy with adenocarcinoma in an adult patient: a case report]

Bladder exstrophy is rare malformation pathology with an incidence of about 1 in 50,000 newborns. Not treated in time exposes to two main complications: kidney failure and bladder plaque cancer with a risk up to 200 times normal, which usually occurs around the fourth and fifth decade. In 95% it is adenocarcinoma and 5% squamous cell carcinoma. We present a rare case of adenocarcinoma developed on a bladder exstrophy in a 61-year-old patient who underwent an excision of the bladder plate carrying the whole tumor mass with a non-continent urinary diversion type bricker.

The Pan African medical journal. 2018 Apr 03*** epublish ***

Bounoual Mohammed, Omana Jean Paul, Ahsaini Mustapha, Mellas Soufiane, El Ammari Jalaleddine, Tazi Mohammed Fadl, El Fassi Mohammed Jamal, Farih Moulay Hassan

Service d'Urologie, CHU Hassan II de Fès, Maroc.

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