Diagnosis and management of male urinary tract infections: a need for new guidelines. Study from a French general practice electronic database.

The definition and the treatment of male urinary tract infections (UTIs) are imprecise. This study aims to determine the frequency of male UTIs in consultations of general practice, the diagnostic approach and the prescribed treatments.

We extracted the consultations of male patients, aged 18 years or more, during the period 2012-17 with the International Classification of Primary Care, version 2 codes for UTIs or associated symptoms from PRIMEGE/MEDISEPT databases of primary care. For eligible consultations in which all symptoms or codes were consistent with male UTIs, we identified patient history, prescribed treatments, antibiotic duration, clinical conditions, additional examinations and bacteriological results of urine culture.

Our study included 610 consultations with 396 male patients (mean age 62.5 years). Male UTIs accounted for 0.097% of visits and 1.44 visits per physician per year. The UTIs most commonly identified were: undifferentiated (52%), prostatitis (36%), cystitis (8.5%) and pyelonephritis (3.5%). Fever was recorded in 14% of consultations. Urine dipstick test was done in 1.8% of consultations. Urine culture was positive for Escherichia coli in 50.4% of bacteriological tests. Fluoroquinolones were the most prescribed antibiotics (64.9%), followed by beta-lactams (17.4%), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (11.9%) and nitrofurantoin (2.6%).

Male UTIs are rare in general practice and have different presentations. The definition of male UTIs needs to be specified by prospective studies. Diagnostic evidence of male cystitis may reduce the duration of antibiotic therapy and spare critical antibiotics.

Family practice. 2020 Dec 19 [Epub ahead of print]

Benjamin Soudais, Virginie Lacroix-Hugues, François Meunier, André Gillibert, David Darmon, Matthieu Schuers

Department of General Practice, Normandy University, Rouen, France., Department of Education and Research in General Practice, Côte d'Azur University, Nice, France., Department of Biostatistics, CHU Rouen, France.

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