Non-neurogenic Chronic Urinary Retention: What Are We Treating?

This review examines current terminology used to define non-neurogenic chronic urinary retention (CUR), describes the pathophysiology of urinary retention, and highlights contemporary diagnostic and treatment algorithms.

There is no standardized definition for the condition, but volumes >300 ml are commonly used to describe CUR. It is a clinical diagnosis which does not require urodynamics. Pathophysiologic causes of CUR be from myogenic, neurogenic, bladder outlet obstruction, or a combination of these sources. Treatment algorithms recommend stratifying patients with chronic urinary retention by risk and by symptoms before initiating treatment. Common CUR outcome endpoints need to be better utilized so that treatment modalities can be compared. Non-neurogenic CUR is a heterogeneous condition that has multiple definitions, underlying physiologies, and possible endpoints. Standardization is needed to better understand and treat CUR.

Current urology reports. 2017 Sep [Epub]

John T Stoffel

Department of Urology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. .