A rare cause of acute urinary retention in women: meatal condyloma accuminata, a case report

Acute urinary retention in women is a rarely seen phenomenon due to pharmacological, neuromuscular, anatomical, functional and infectious causes. Human papillomaviruses causing condyloma acuminata is one of the rarely reported viral infectious cause of acute urinary retention in case reports. A 45-year-old woman with acute urinary retention was found to have a round solid lesion on external urethral meatus. Histopathological examination revealed as condyloma acuminata. Urethral condyloma can be treated by local excision as an effective method for early improvement of voiding function. Even if the genital condyloma can be locally excised, patients should be referred to the gynecologists for cervical cancer screening.

The Pan African medical journal. 2016 May 27*** epublish ***

Onder Cinar, Mustafa Suat Bolat, Ekrem Akdeniz, Necmettin Sahinkaya

Department of Urology, Samsun Training and Research Hospital, Samsun, Turkey.

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