Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Fatigue, and Depression-Are There Correlations in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis?

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) frequently include fatigue, depression, and neurogenic lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), causing severe burdens on affected individuals. The relationships between these symptoms have not been intensively researched and there are no studies on the detailed influence of the different neurogenic LUTS. We aimed to investigate the relationships between fatigue, depression, and neurogenic LUTS as recorded in bladder diaries by persons with MS. We analyzed the bladder diaries of 274 people and their scores on the Fatigue Scale for Motor and Cognitive Functions and the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (German version). The neurogenic LUTS were defined as urgency, reduced voided volume, increased standardized voiding frequency, nocturia, and urinary incontinence. Those suffering from incontinence, nocturia, reduced voided volume, or urgency had higher fatigue scores compared to those without these symptoms. Those with nocturia showed significantly higher scores for depression. The severity of urgency and voided volume had the greatest effect on the severity of individuals' fatigue and depression levels. With increasing urgency, the risk of clinically significant fatigue and depression was expected to increase. Urgency and voided volume correlated most with fatigue and depression. A prospective longitudinal study investigating fatigue/depression after the successful treatment of neurogenic LUTS is needed to clarify causality and offer possible treatment options for fatigue and depression.

Biomedicines. 2023 Aug 04*** epublish ***

Anke K Jaekel, Julius Watzek, Jörn Nielsen, Anna-Lena Butscher, Pirmin Zöhrer, Franziska Schmitz, Ruth K M Kirschner-Hermanns, Stephanie C Knüpfer

Department of Neuro-Urology, Clinic for Urology, University Hospital Bonn, 53127 Bonn, Germany., Department of Cognitive Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshoehe GmbH, 53177 Bonn, Germany., Department of Neuro-Urology, Johanniter Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshoehe GmbH, 53177 Bonn, Germany.

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