Single-stage repair of obliterated anterior urethral strictures using buccal mucosa graft and dorsal penile skin flap.

To present a single-stage repair of obliterative urethral strictures by simultaneous use of a buccal mucosa graft and longitudinal dorsal penile skin flap.

Between February 2007 and October 2016, 51 patients with obliterative anterior urethral stricture underwent single-stage substitution urethroplasty. A buccal mucosa graft was harvested and fixed to the corpora cavernosa as the dorsal part of the neourethra, and a vascularized dorsal penile skin flap was created, transposed ventrally and sutured to the buccal mucosa graft to form ventral part of the neourethra.

The follow-up period was 12-129 months (mean 49 months). The mean age of the patients was 48 years (range 15-71 years). The mean length of the obliterated urethral segment, measured during the operative procedure, was 5.2 cm. The etiology of strictures was: unknown, hypospadias and trauma in 19, 27 and five patients, respectively. Five patients were lost to follow up, and 46 patients were analyzed for the outcome. At the end of the follow-up period, recurrence of the stricture occurred in seven (15.2%) patients, whereas 39 (84.8%) patients did not develop stricture. An additional three (6.5%) patients developed fistula, resulting in overall successful voiding in 36 (78.3%) patients.

A combined buccal mucosa graft and longitudinal dorsal penile skin flap could be a good choice for one-stage substitution urethroplasty in complex obliterative urethral strictures, with an acceptable complication rate.

International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association. 2018 Oct 07 [Epub ahead of print]

Vladimir Kojovic, Miroslav L Djordjevic, Aleksandar Vuksanovic

Medical School, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia., Clinic of Urology, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia.