Redo hypospadias surgery: current and novel techniques

Failed hypospadias includes patients with multiple attempts at hypospadias surgery. These present as recurrent stricture, urethrocutaneous fistula glans dehiscence, urethral dehiscence, chordee, and glans deformity. Failed hypospadias is a complex and challenging issue. Various surgeries and techniques have been described for hypospadias. We need uniform guidelines for management of failed hypospadias. In this paper, we highlight the current and feasible options in the management of failed hypospadias which would deliver best long-term cosmetic and functional outcomes for the patients.

Research and reports in urology. 2018 Sep 28*** epublish ***

Sanjay B Kulkarni, Omkar Joglekar, Mohammad H Alkandari, Pankaj M Joshi

Kulkarni Reconstructive Urology Center, Pune, India, .