Recurrence rate of stress urinary incontinence in females with initial cure after transobturator tape procedure at 3-year follow-up

To assess recurrence rates of urinary incontinence in women with initial cure after transobturator tape (TOT) procedure at 3-year follow-up.

Between June 2006 and May 2013, a total of 402 consecutive patients underwent the TOT procedure for female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) at Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital. Of the 402 patients, 223 had sufficient medical records for analysis. Therefore, they were followed-up for 3 years postoperatively. Patient characteristics, urinary symptoms, physical examination, and urodynamic parameters were evaluated. The primary end point of "cure" was defined as the absence of any complaint of urinary leakage without needing pads for usual activities.

Of the 223 patients, 196 patients (87.9%) were initially cured within 6 months postoperatively. Of the 196 patients, 70 (35.7%) had recurrent urinary incontinence at 3 years postoperatively, 51 (26.0%) had SUI, 16 (8.2%) had urgency urinary incontinence, and 3 (1.5%) had mixed urinary incontinence. In univariate analysis, preoperative urinary obstructive symptom was found to significant contributor to the recurrence of urinary incontinence at 3-year postoperatively (p=0.004).

In our study, 35.7% of the women with initial cure after TOT experienced the recurrence of urinary leakage during the 3-year follow-up. The cure rate of TOT was decreased as time went by, although the initial cure rate was high.

Investigative and clinical urology. 2017 Jan 09 [Epub]

Taeyong Jun, Hyun Sik Yoon, Hyung Suk Kim, Jeong Woo Lee, Jungbum Bae, Hae Won Lee

Department of Urology, Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital, Goyang, Korea.