A rare and late complication of an appendectomy: Distal ureteral fistula with stenosis - Abstract

Ureteric injury is a potential complication in various surgical procedures. The incidence varies between 0.5 and 10%. The risk of such complications is mainly related to the complexity of the surgical procedure and the presence of eventual periureteric pathology.

The most effective measure to prevent iatrogenic injury is to have a sound knowledge of abdominal and pelvic anatomy, meticulous surgical technique, and an identification of factors that increase the likelihood of developing such complications. As soon as the injury is identified, prompt urological referral is recommended.

KEYWORDS: Appendicitis, appendectomy, ureteric injury, stenosis, fistula

CORRESPONDENCE: Sallami Satáa, MD, La Rabta Hospital-University, Tunis, Tunisia ( )

CITATION: UroToday Int J. 2012 October;5(5):art 54.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3834/uij.1944-5784.2012.10.13

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