A case report of foot drop following visual internal uretherotomy in the lithotomy position: Is prolonged surgery in the lithotomy position the only important risk factor? - Abstract

A 16-year-old boy underwent visual internal uretherotomy in the lithotomy position for short urethral stricture.

The next day, the patient developed right foot drop and sensory loss over the right foot. Published literature describes a long surgery duration in the lithotomy position as the most significant risk factor. In our case, foot drop developed despite short surgical duration in the lithotomy position, signifying the importance of other, less-discussed factors.

KEYWORDS: Foot drop, VIU (visual internal urethrotomy), lithotomy, compartment syndrome

CORRESPONDENCE: Satyam Sharma, Mch, Department of Urology, Institute of Nephrourology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India ()

CITATION: UroToday Int J. 2012 August;5(4):art 38.

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3834/uij.1944-5784.2012.08.11

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