The use of tolterodine in patients with recurrent chronic cystitis - Abstract

The article presents the results of evaluation of effect of M-cholinoblocer tolterodine on the symptoms of lower urinary tract diseases (LUTD) and quality of life of patients with recurrent chronic cystitis.

The study included 47 patients with chronic recurrent cystitis at acute stage with non-obstructive type of urination and LUTS. Group 1 included 23 women aged 45 to 56 years, who received tolterodine on the background of antibacterial therapy, taking into account the sensitivity of the isolated strain. Control group included 24 patients who received standard antibacterial therapy, also taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen, and spasmolytics. The groups were almost homogeneous and did not differ on the basic characteristics. Analysis of the results of the study showed that tolterodine as a symptomatic therapy can reduce the time of rehabilitation. Therapy with tolterodine has shown clinical efficacy for 85.7% of women, has improved the quality of life by 24.8% compared with the control group, and provided relief of urgent and irritative symptoms in the short time.

Reference: Urologiia. 2012 Jul-Aug;(4):25-6, 28-9.

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 23116018

Article in Russian. Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Section