Diagnosis and treatment of interstitial cystitis - Abstract

Klinik für Urologie, Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Interstitial Cystitis, first described in 1887 as an inflammatory disease of the bladder wall, is now regarded as a very common disease with an estimated number of unreported cases. Reasons for underdiagnosis is the widespread use of strict exclusion criteria. The disease can already be suspected by a careful medical history and physical examination in an early stage and then be treated with promising multimodal therapeutic approaches. In addition to a symptomatic oral therapy, local instillations with constituents of the protective glycosaminoglycan-layer are the most common therapeutic approach, because its defective integrity plays a key role in the pathogenesis of interstitial cystitis.

Article in German.

Written by:
Meyer D, Gregorin J, Schmid HP.   Are you the author?

Reference: Praxis (Bern 1994). 2011 Feb 16;100(4):221-227.

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 21328236

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