Bladder Augmentation (Enterocystoplasty): the Current State of a Historic Operation.

The goal of this paper was to evaluate the current use of enterocystoplasty, a historical operation for bladder dysfunction but with continued and increasing modern relevance.

Since the advent of third line neuromodulation techniques for neurogenic and idiopathic overactive bladder (OAB), the usage of enterocystoplasty has decreased. However, this procedure continues to be utilized in pediatric urology patients and the most refractory OAB patients. Adult urologist should be familiar with this operative technique in an effort to manage pediatric patients transitioning to adulthood. Minimally invasive techniques for this surgical procedure have been described with very limited outcome data. It is important for all urologists to be familiar with enterocystoplasty, both technically and with the unique needs of these patients postoperatively. Further studies evaluating the outcomes of this procedure in idiopathic overactive bladder patients and efforts to standardize recommendations for neurogenic bladder patients will help guide care in the future.

Current urology reports. 2019 Jul 24*** epublish ***

Jeffrey Budzyn, Hamilton Trinh, Samantha Raffee, Humphrey Atiemo

Henry Ford Health System, 2799 West Grand Blvd, K9, Detroit, MI, 48202, USA., Henry Ford Health System, 2799 West Grand Blvd, K9, Detroit, MI, 48202, USA. .

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