The Efficacy of Ultra-thin Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy with Holmium Laser Lithotripsy in Pediatric Ureteral Stones: A Single-center Experience.

Introduction The aim of this study was to present our results regarding the feasibility and possible complications of 4.5 Fr semi-rigid ureterorenoscopy (URS) treatments in pediatric patients. Methods The files and computer records of a total of 33 pediatric patients (20 males and 13 females), who underwent URS procedures for ureteral stones > 5 mm between January 2013 and June 2017, were retrospectively reviewed. A 4.5 Fr semi-rigid ureteroscope (Ultrathin 4.5/6.5 Fr Ureterorenoscope; Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, Germany) was used for the URS procedures. For the stone-free rate evaluations, abdominopelvic ultrasound or direct radiography scans were performed one week after the surgery, and low-dose non-contrast computed tomography (CT) was performed during the first month. Results The mean age of the patients was 9.8 ± 2.8 (range 4-16) years old, and the mean ureteral stone size was 8.9 ± 1.4 (range 6-13) mm. The mean surgical duration was 45 ± 21.2 (range 30-75) minutes, and the mean hospital stay length was 1.2 (range 1-4) days. Minor complications occurred in five (15.1%) of the patients. The success rates for the first week and first month were 90.9% and 96.9%, respectively. Conclusion The endoscopic management of pediatric ureteral stones using a 4.5 Fr ureteroscope seems to be a safe and feasible treatment option with high success and low complication rates.

Cureus. 2019 Aug 27*** epublish ***

Ramazan Topaktas, Cemil Aydin, Selcuk Altin, Ali Akkoc, Zeynep B Aydın, Ahmet Urkmez

Urology, Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TUR., Urology, Hitit University Erol Olcok Training and Research Hospital, Corum, TUR., Urology, Necip Fazıl Training and Research Hospital, Kahramanmaras, TUR., Urology, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Antalya, TUR., Radiology, Hitit University Erol Olcok Training and Research Hospital, Çorum, TUR., Urology, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TUR.