Sexual dysfunction in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome - Abstract

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS), or NIH category III prostatitis, is a common clinical syndrome characterized by genital/pelvic pain and lower urinary tract symptoms in the absence of urinary tract infection.

There is also growing recognition of the association of sexual dysfunction with CP/CPPS including erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory pain, and premature ejaculation. In this review, we discuss the association between CP/CPPS and sexual dysfunction, potential mechanisms for sexual dysfunction, and treatment strategies for erectile dysfunction in CP/CPPS.

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Tran CN, Shoskes DA.   Are you the author?
Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 9500 Euclid Ave, Desk Q10-1, Cleveland, OH, 44195, USA.

Reference: World J Urol. 2013 Apr 12. Epub ahead of print.
doi: 10.1007/s00345-013-1076-5

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PMID: 23579441 Prostatitis Section