Chlamydia and male lower urinary tract diseases - Abstract

Of the chlamydia species that can cause infections in humans, C. trachomatis is responsible for lower urinary tract diseases in men and women.

C. trachomatis infections are prevalent worldwide, but current research is focused on females, with the burden of disease and infertility sequelae considered to be a predominantly female problem. However, a role for this pathogen in the development of male urethritis, epididymitis, and orchitis is widely accepted. Also, it can cause complications such as chronic prostatitis and infertility. This review summarizes C. trachomatis infection in the male genitourinary tract, including urethritis, epididymitis, orchitis, and its complications, and addresses the microbiology, epidemiology, screening, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment.

Written by:
Lee YS, Lee KS.   Are you the author?
Department of Urology, Samsung Changwon Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Changwon, Korea.

Reference: Korean J Urol. 2013 Feb;54(2):73-7.
doi: 10.4111/kju.2013.54.2.73

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 23550267 Prostatitis Section



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