The undefined role of Gram positive bacteria in chronic prostatitis development - Abstract

We recently completed a study on the association of the epidemiological features of patients with chronic prostatitis with the microbiological findings of their urine and prostatic secretion samples.

It was noticed that the frequency rate of Gram positive bacteria isolates observed in our study was relatively high. The most frequent Gram positive bacteria were Coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS). However, unusual bacteria such as Streptococcus mitis and oralis (SMO) were also isolated in a few cases (5.7%). Almost all patients found with SMO in their urine and prostate secretion samples reported only oral intercourse. We therefore hypothesize that retrograde entry of SMO from the oral cavity to the prostate following insertive oral intercourse is not to be excluded.

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Stamatiou K.   Are you the author?
Urology Department, Tzaneio Hospital, Pireas, Greece.

Reference: Infez Med. 2013 Mar;21(1):81-3.

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PMID: 23549258 Prostatitis Section